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Wallpaper Tips for the Adventurous Homeowner

Wallpaper is BACK and I am here for it! My newest favorite thing to do with wallpaper is to put it on the backs of closets, it adds such a lovely pop. But choosing which wallpaper to use can be the trickiest part. For me if I am designing a new build or renovating a new space I generally fall in LOVE with wallpaper and then figure out where to put it... probably not the best design hack and if I'm being honest it doesn't always work out. So here are some tips to think about when thinking about wallpaper.

The Space

Generally, when people are adding wallpaper it's to accentuate the space. With that being said, it's obviously important to think about the space. Some questions to ask:

- Is the space pretty neutral? Do we want to keep it that way?

- Is there already a lot of one color?

- Is it an active (kitchen, living room, etc.) or peaceful space (bedroom, bathroom, etc.)?

- Is the space big or small?

There's a lot here, I know! Here are some answers...

If the space is pretty neutral and you want to liven it up, it could be a fun time to bring in a big bold pattern OR something with some color to it (if the space is small adding both could be a lot!). If you're wanting to keep it neutral opt for a neutral color scheme or single colors with a small recurring pattern. Oooh! Another idea if you're trying to keep it neutral is to opt for some texture!

Already a lot of one color? I tend to design in whites because it gives me a blank slate to work with and be able to add some color elsewhere! If you like the monochromatic look (lots of different shades of the same color) go for it in your wallpaper as well! If not, it's fun to "balance" out overbearing colors using complementary colors ALWAYS works to help balance - quick lesson... complementary colors are those opposite each other on the color wheel. Soo for example. Have a big green room adding a fun red wallpapered accent wall to the space would add a bold but balanced statement!

Active spaces deserve active wallpapers, peaceful spaces deserve peaceful wallpapers

Big spaces can hold big patterns & bold colors - small spaces cannot (most of the time)! The only time you might be able to get away with this is if the room has a bunch of windows! or is a small nook in an otherwise BIG room. The alternative however is not true. Big AND small spaces can hold small muted patterned wallpaper.

Wallpaper is like a Tattoo

The new "peel and stick" wallpapers are PRETTY amazing as far as changing your mind goes, but still, in most cases, they will require some wall touch-ups after pulling them down. I treat wallpaper like a tattoo. I have to stare at it for a while before I decide to actually go for it. So plan in advance! Get a sample or better yet a few that you think you love and tape it to the wall you're imagining covering. Then, leave it for a few weeks. You'll get to see it

at different lights and in different moods. If you don't LOVE it after that - it's out!

Patterns and What they Do

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