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Top 9 Boho Accent Chairs & Why I Love Them

Elevate your living space with the mesmerizing charm of boho accent chairs that effortlessly blend comfort, style, and nature-inspired aesthetics. In our exploration of the top 9 boho accent chairs, we unveil a collection that celebrates the spirit of bohemian design. From woven wonders to rattan delights, these natural accent chairs infuse your interiors with a touch of wanderlust and a dash of artistic flair. Get ready to embark on a journey where chic meets earthy as we delve into the world of boho-inspired decor and discover the perfect addition to your home.

Accent Chairs

Cost: $1,104 Material: Rattan, Iron, Durable Poly Cushions Why we Love it: At a higher cost, this lounge chair does not disappoint. Anytime you combine rattan and white, you can almost always count on achieving a boho feel. This chair works great for a bohemian or coastal feel and could even be pulled into an industrial setting with the right counterparts. I love these for a sitting area with a coffee and a good book.

Pairs well with...

Cost: $392.08 Material: Kabu Rattan, Linen, Iron Why we Love it: This non-solid fan back of this accent chair says it all. The visual weight of this chair is light and airy and just screams bohemian. Because of the rattan style, this boho accent chair will let all the natural light shine through. Linen is a VERY common material in the boho world, and it's generally organic and sustainable. Plus it's one of those materials that gets softer with time!

Pairs well with...

Cost: $828.00 Materials: Oak, Faux Shearling

Why we Love it: Okay, okay, don't let the "dining chair" scare you away. You can do anything you want in your space! I love these because they make a great small space accent chair, think tiny corner or small bedroom chair. The oak is dark, which is not usually a boho look, but the open space and sheepskin make this one of my favorite accent chairs. It has a ton of open lines - allowing energy to flow in and around it!

Cost: $999.00 Materials: Polyester, Solid Parawood Why we Love it: This chair has ALL the fixins' for a boho vibe. Light wood, low to the ground, boucle upholstery. It's cozy and light all at the same time (a rare find). Anytime you see light colors, space under the chair, and a low profile, you can almost always count on achieving your bohemian dreams.

Cost: $383.15

Materials: Iron frame, HUMANELY sourced sheepskin

Why we Love it: If you haven't figured it out yet... I'm here for ALL of the sheepskin. Again, the open lines of this accent chair give it all the boho vibes you need. It lets a lot of natural light and energy flow through it and the visual weight is pretty light and fluffy (even though sheepskin is generally considered a "heavier" texture). This chair would also work in a modern/ industrial space.

Pairs well with...

Cost: $448.00 Materials: Rattan panels & poles, Cane Webbing

Why we Love it: OM GOSH... I love this chair. This is what I picture when I think of boho. I see two of these surrounded by plants and floating shelves with a bunch of books and a big chunky rug. Rattan & Cane are thee materials to look for when trying to go for a boho vibe.

Pairs well with...

Cost: $516.00

Materials: Solid Mahogany, Rattan

Why we Love it: Talk about island breeze. This boho accent chair is soft and open and yet still super durable. The open-back slats seem just to invite a breeze. The colors are all right too.

Cost: $1,268.15

Materials: Rattan, Cane, Polyester

Why we Love it: You get what you pay for. This accent chair is an absolute beauty and honestly would look great in most spaces. The visual lightness, white cushions (which are removable and washable), rattan poles, and cane webbing are all. I also just love the classy silhouette of this chair - if you're looking for an upscale boho accent chair, this is the one for sure!

9. Lambert Dining Chair

Cost: $675.20

Materials: Woven Natural Rattan, Linen

Why we Love it: Dining room chair, again... BUT this is another excellent small accent chair option. It would love super cute in your bedroom corner with the right lamp, a cozy pillow, and a sheepskin rug. It has all the makings of a boho accent chair.

Pairs well with...

As you explore the enchanting world of boho accent chairs, remember that these pieces are more than just seats; they're expressions of your unique style and a bridge to the soul of bohemian design. Whether you're drawn to the intricate weaves of woven chairs, the rustic elegance of rattan, or the inviting charm of natural accents, these chairs add an unmistakable aura to your space. Now that you've discovered the top 9 boho accent chairs let your imagination take flight and curate a space that resonates with your inner wanderer.

If you find yourself needing guidance on pairing these stunning chairs with the rest of your decor, don't hesitate to reach out. I am here to assist you on your design journey. Set up a 1-hour consultation, and let's bring your boho dreams to life, one beautiful piece at a time.

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