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Image by Hannah Busing

All About XO heather hamel


Meet Heather, the creative mastermind behind "XO heather hamel." With a passion for all things design and DIY, Heather started her blog as a way to share her knowledge and inspire others to elevate their homes & offices. 

Heather is a professional interior designer with a degree in Interior Design and years of experience working in the industry. She specializes in providing expert interior design advice and tips to help DIY enthusiasts achieve professional-looking results. Her blog is a go-to resource for those looking for inspiration, design trends, and decorating ideas.

With a keen eye for mixing old and new, Heather is an expert at creating timeless and on-trend spaces that are both stylish and functional. 

Heather's mission is to empower her readers to take control of their home design and create spaces they truly love. Her blog is a source of inspiration, expert advice, and DIY tutorials for anyone looking to elevate their home design game. 

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