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Updating Your Space For a Better Life

Ok, the title of this is a statement, I know. I've always been super affected by my surroundings. If a space is cluttered I feel all over the place, if there's a ton of big chunky heavy furniture I tend to feel grounded and cozy. I think people take for granted how much a space can change their day or week or lives. This is my life's work, to bring interior design to life. I believe a space whether a home or office should be a true representation of your life's biggest dreams, accomplishments, mistakes, and challenges.

"You fuel your heart with six things: what you watch, what you read, what you listen to, who you surround yourself with, how you talk to yourself, and what you visualize."

I love this quote and it's from one of my favorite books Chop Wood Carry Water by Joshua Metcalf. I want to add one... WHAT you surround yourself with. What is your space doing for you? Or not doing? I'm taking a Feng Shui course and I know, I know it can be HARD to believe in, and easy to take for granted but, if it could improve your health, help you find a partner, or increase your work capacity, it could be worth it... right? Feng Shui is the study of how people interact with their environments. Start to think about how you feel in your space. Here are some questions to think about:

  1. How do you feel in your space?

  2. Do different rooms feel differently to you?

  3. How do you feel outside of your space?

  4. Do you have a favorite spot in your home or workplace? Why?

  5. Does your space feel cluttered?

If any of these sparked a question in your mind about your space, maybe it's time for some updates!

Shopping List

Let's talk about these pieces! Natural elements do wonders in your space (specifically your workspace or office). Rattan is a wood element contributing to development, productivity, and creativity. This woven rug and floor lamp would be great additions to up your "wood element". Let's talk about this white couch from Anthro (dreamy, right?) White is a metal element it promotes clarity and cleansing - might be a great option for a sitting room or mediation space.

  1. Couch - Anthropology

  2. Floor Lamp - Urban Outfitters

  3. Coffee Table - West Elm

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