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Ohh just look at this beauty! This is a McGee Special, I'm not sure if all of these are actually McGee and Co I couldn't find all of them on their website, but regardless I am a HUGE fan of their style and I just started on LiketoKnowit so it seemed like a great place to start.

If you don't know what LiketoKnowit is, it's essentially like a Pinterest that you can shop directly from. The cooler thing about LiketoKnowit is that it's connected with Instagram, which we all (or at least me) spend a lot of time on. So all of those fashion influencers and home designers that you scroll through can connect to LiketoKnow it and if you like their picture (and have the app) it automatically goes into your favorites. So if you see something and think "oo I love that shirt," or "OMG I want everything in that living room" it'll pop up in your LiketoKnowit app WITH links! That shirt (or similar) and ALL of those pieces of furniture, art, and decor will be directly linked in the post. So you can literally just click and buy and have your dream living room!

Soo easy - maybe TOO easy haha. Anyways I am a brand new creator on there and I get a commission if you buy stuff through my links which is exciting for me too! You'll start to see a lot of my posts on Instagram have my promotion links! This is one of my firsts. While I am still a new business my portfolio of homes that I've designed isn't huge, so I'll be taking inspiration from elsewhere and recreating in my own way! Without further ado here is my link to follow me LiketoKnowit.

Cheers to new beginnings!

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