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How to Style A Coffee Table

Decorating a coffee table takes practice, and of course, it depends on what kind of house you live in (pets, small humans, etc.) but here are some basic styling types that pretty much nail it EVERYtime.

Anytime I am styling anything similar.. coffee table, shelving, bookcase, etc. I try to look at it in triangles (this apparently works with selfies too). Think about trying to create a high point, a medium point, and a low point and then layer layer layer!

1. Find a tray or a bowl - this should be a different material than the coffee table. The magic of a tray is that it allows you to collect many things that come with a coffee table remotes, coasters, toys... who knows. You can also use it to hold some more decorative things, especially if you have drawers or some baskets to hide things away! This will generally act as your "low" point.

2. Large Vase + Greens - I like chunky tall vases almost EVERYwhere! On a coffee table, you'll have to be a little mindful of seeing around it or over it but in general, this is going to act as your "tall" point. This is again going to be a different material/look than the tray and the coffee table. I use dried Eucalyptus everywhere in my house, it's beautiful, it's easy, and it lasts forever! But you could totally add some fresh cut flowers or dried flowers here as well!

3. Books or Magazines - this could also be photo albums or a small cute box of sorts. The idea here is to create layers. Layers create depth. This is generally going to take up the most real estate on your coffee table and act as the "medium" point in your triangle setup.

4. Candles or Decor - 3&4 are pretty much besties here. I like to add unscented beeswax candles for a little coziness and warmth. Plus candles are a symbol of hospitality and friendship which gives me all the warm & fuzzies. But you could totally have some little decor items here as well. Just remember this is your "medium" point so it should be taller than your tray or bowl but shorter than your vase!

And there you have it...Coffee table dreams! This triangle setup (high, medium, low points) works with almost any styling setup, it's a magic trick!

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