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Harvest Table FAQs

I've been getting a bunch of questions about the Harvest Table workshop about people's specific situations and how to handle some design-related things. I figured it would be a good idea to start this FAQ and I can keep adding to it as the week goes along and more questions come up. I'm also going to do reels on all of these questions and some visuals might help. So head over to one of my social media pages to see more!

QUESTION: What's the deal with placements? Can I use them with a runner and tablecloth?

ANSWER: You can do anything you WANT! But here's my 2 cents. I really love a round placement with a runner. I feel like the overlay works really beautifully and I love the contradiction between the straight line of the runner and the roundness of the placement. I wouldn't combine a rectangular placement with a runner, the layering of the two can get weird. If you have rectangular placements that you MUST have and just love I would either go no table covering or full table covering (meaning tablecloth or paper, etc.)

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