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An Affordable Way to Design Your Home

I will be the first to tell you that EVERYONE should hire a designer. It is one of the best long-term investments. You'll get a space you love to live and work in; nothing will be left until "you can get to it," and you'll have furniture and decor that will last. Not only that, but we make everything fit, everything is balanced, and a good designer will put the space to work FOR you. You may be thinking they're SO expensive, and it's true.

When I first got into this world, I was blown away by the amount of money some designers were charging and taking home, like ASTRONOMICAL amounts of money. A tiny part of me wants to be one of those designers, but it doesn't align with my life's mission. My mission is to create and influence beauty on a large scale, which I'm sure I could do by charging $300/ hour and making a 10k base fee, butttt I choose not to. I think design is such an essential part of a home or office that I want it to be more accessible to EVERYONE. I think everyone should be able to live and work in a space they love and loves them back (haha, sounds silly, but it's a thing!)

So.. how do you make design more accessible for more people? You go virtual.

If you are someone who doesn't make a ton of money and are willing to get your feet wet, virtual design is for you. There are tons of designers out there doing a virtual thing these days, especially from COVID. We've learned that there is much more we can do from home, design aside. People are working out virtually, having board meetings, therapy, and building entire companies from the comfort of their homes. But you may be thinking, yeah, buttt how do you see my space? Welp, that's the tricky part about going virtual, and it's where YOU come in as the "client."

My virtual design services range from a one-hour phone call to 6-month total redesign project, and they all look drastically different. In short, they all look something like this:

  1. Discovery Call (free)

  2. Hire Me

  3. Initial Consultation + Virtual Home Tour

  4. Client to take measurements (based on a very in-depth set of video instructions)

  5. Client to take & send pictures & videos

  6. Weekly Check-Ins

Client Gets: Room layout, hiring schedule (when needed), budgeting spreadsheet, shopping list, decorating video instructions and visuals, 3d space visuals.

There is a lot of variation in there too. Interior design, at its core, is an art that takes a lot of flexibility and creative thinking. But, the cool thing is instead of redesigning a room and costing you 15k, including labor, materials, fees, etc (the whole shebang), and it takes three months to complete... a virtual design will cost you 5k all in and work on your timeline. It just takes a bit of time and energy on your end, but again... WORTH IT!

Interior design is kind of like eating healthy. You don't really realize how much stress your body is under and how poorly it's functioning until you start to eat right and then it's like WOW what have I been doing the last 5 years?! You could be living in a super dysfunctional space that's causing all sorts of issues in your day to day life, but once you hire a designer and change your space there will be no going back!
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