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5 Little Known Tips to Make the Most of Your Small Bathroom

Everyone's small bathroom is different, some are full baths and others are little powder rooms, bathrooms for kids, bathrooms for rent, or maybe old bathrooms. Which every scenario your bathroom fits into these tips will help you make the most of it and make it seem not so small!

  1. Walls Keep the walls of your room simple! Overcrowding your walls will make the space feel even more crowded than it already is! So, what does this mean? If you're into wallpaper, keep the pattern VERY simple with muted colors. You can get kinda crazy with the wallpaper if you're willing to ground it with a really bold sink or floor tile. Like this:

I love tile in bathrooms, even one without a shower! Accent walls are fun with tile in small bathrooms, generally doing the wall either behind the sink or toilet works out well. Stay away from dark & complicated patterns with tile, and know that dark tiles are beautiful but too much of anything is not always great and COULD give you some claustrophobia in a tiny bathroom! Lots of old bathrooms have some kind of wainscotting or beadboard (which is coming back, thankfully!) it can be fun to paint this and add a wallpaper or even just. a solid paint job above!

2. Floor Again, if you're going to get wild with a funky wallpaper in your small bathroom it's a good idea to ground it to the floor. How? Great question! Pull a dark color from the wallpaper, let's say it's a deep green. Next, do a search for green tile. Here's the trick- match the pattern size with the wall. If you have a large format wallpaper choose a bigger tile if you have a small more complex wallpaper choose a small (single color) tile. This will help calm the walls down and make them feel not so overwhelming. Unless your wallpaper is dark.. then do the opposite, find a lighter color for your flooring! This is the same idea with a sink (yes, you can get a blue sink)! Otherwise - small form tile is great on bathroom floors, especially ones that have simple and solid walls.

3. Sink Okay, if you don't need the storage (like if this is a powder room, or there's just a bunch of nonsense in your vanity) lose the WHOLE vanity. And, actually... even if you need the storage, lose the whole vanity. They take up so much space!

Tiny bathrooms want either a floating sink, cool old farmhouse style sinks or you can do a floating sink with a wall-mounted faucet (be aware you might have to change around your plumbing). You could also get a floating vanity if you need the storage which will still make your space seem bigger. The other option is a console sink. Again, the open legs at the bottom are going to make it feel like there's a ton more space in there than there actually is!

4. Storage This is going to sound crazy, but my first recommendation is to figure out how thick your walls are! It's super easy to bang out sheetrock in between studs to make little builts in, plus it'll have a ton of "in-room" space. They need to be AT LEAST 2x6 construction to make it worth your while. Otherwise, we love wall shelves in bathrooms vs those over-the-toilet standing shelving units (although a great option if you're renting!) The floor area is where we are lacking space, so the more we can get things up on the wall the better! Use baskets on your shelves if you have a lot of little stuff to put away and go with floating shelves vs brackets! Floating shelves give the illusion of more wall space... I know crazy right?!

My FAVORITE tiny bathroom storage hack is to put storage over the door! Yes, you'll need a stool or something to get at it, but it's a great place to put extra TP, beach towels, or weird things that you only use a couple of times a year!

5. Lighting

Lighting should just be listed in every blog about every room. It's SO important and can change the whole feel of a space. If you have a window in your bathroom you're winning and everything else is a sort of a bonus! But in general, you want one of the combinations of lights in your bathroom:

P.S. Add greenery ALWAYS. It never makes anything worse!

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