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3 Ways to Update Your Home on a Budget

It is SO easy these days to get new information. It's SO easy to look at new pictures, meet new people, and learn new things. It's also easy to see pictures like this one above on social media accounts, Pinterest, and Google. They are literally designed to make you want a new space, to change everything in your house, to buy their stuff, or pay for their services. Along with all of the AMAZING things that the internet does for you it also can make you forget or maybe disregard what's right in front of you!

But, the thing is... you CAN have an amazing space without spending a dime, or at least very many dimes. There's a few things you can do here to change or update your space

1. The first thing is Up-cycling (I'm not even sure the right way to spell that?), but up-cycling is basically taking your old furniture or decor and giving it a facelift. These projects have varying degrees of difficulty from stripping paint to just adding new hardware and everything in between. If you're looking for an "easy" route think about changing out the hardware and maybe even adding something to the piece. This could be anything from painting on a stencil to adding some geometric wood textures. Pinterest is going to be your best friend if this is your next project!

2. Shop, shop shop! But not at the store. Go shopping in that place in your house where you put stuff "away" for a later date. It might be a good time to pull some of that stuff out and repurpose, upcycle it! Not to mention it might be a good time to declutter too (big fan of "if it no longer sparks joy for you... toss it). But also shopping on Facebook Marketplace, secondhand store, or summer tag sales is a GREAT, inexpensive way to get some new pieces. Try not to worry too much about finding that "right" piece and try to think about how you could make certain pieces work for you!

* Also quick design tip: find some inspiration before you go out shopping! Find a picture like the one above (but of something you love) and take it with you when you're shopping. It's almost like you're picking right from the catalog!

3. Change up the layout. I LOVE playing this game. Move furniture around and see how it feels... even better then that mix and match furniture from other parts of the house. Or go crazy and completely switch up rooms or spaces! This can completely change the energy and "feel" of the space without actually buying or putting in much DIY effort!

Doing one or all of these things can completely change the look and feel of your space, but it can still all be super overwhelming. That's what there are people like me! If you need help, please please feel free to comment on this, email me or reach out on my Instagram @heatherhameldesign. I would LOVE to help you bring new life into your space!

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