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3 Tips to Mix and Match Styles

Mixing Design Styles
Courtesy of HomePolish

What even are 'styles?' Styles are those trendy words you see all over Pinterest or if you follow some awesome Interior Designers on social. They use words like "modern farmhouse" or "boho" (my FAV) these are all different styles. But much like in normal living we don't usually fit into one style. Often, we like many of them, or if you're like me ALL of them. I LOVE mixing styles together, and the space definitely has a say in it as well so choose wisely! It can be tricky and end up feeling a bit all over the place if not done right. Here are some things that I have found to work well:

1. Choose a theme - as long as you stick to the theme you can mix and match all you want. The best part about themes is you can make them up, use your imagination, throw feelings you're looking to impose with styles you like, do YOU. I'm helping to remodel and design a local music venue called The Drake, and specifically in the bathrooms, I'm loving an 'Industrial Funk' theme. A little dark and stormy meets pop of color, some cool art, and some funky furniture pieces. Also, check out Blair's art is AMAZING.

2. Match Wood Types / Metal Types - I am ALL for mixing and matching these normally... BUT when you're in a space that you're already wanting to get a little wild on, matching wood and metals can help ground the space and make it look more cohesive.

3. Turn the Oddball into the Focal Point - Everyone has that piece of furniture that they kind of love but doesn't quite fit in. Change it up make that piece the focal point, build around it. This is actually a great place to start IF you have one of those pieces in hand already. You can build a color palette around it and the style/ feel for the rest of the room!

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