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3 Tips For Maximizing Small Spaces

I absolutely love working in small spaces. The challenge to make the space functional is so much fun! Even in bigger homes and offices where space and storage aren't really an issue, there's something really satisfying about "using" up all the space. Unused attics, dusty corners, and scary crawlspaces are a thing of the past! Well, maybe not scary crawlspaces haha - those can stay scary.

These are some tips that I've found help at least make the impression that there is more space, and can make a space "feel" bigger. I'm a big feels girl if you haven't noticed!

1. Less is more. In very simple terms, less stuff = more space. The art of decluttering and letting go of things that no longer spark joy and just "take up space" can open up space to enjoy other things. A clearer and calmer space means a clearer and calmer mind. It's a very minimalist approach to interior design. It's great for people who live in small spaces, YES, but also for people who are looking to create spaces that breathe peace and tranquility. The color white and solid or distressed patterns can help with this too. They create a very simple vibe and don't clutter the space!

2. Organize... EVERYTHING. More than just organize find something that will capture little things and aren't busy. For example, in pantries lose the boxes with vibrant colors and pictures and big bold words all over them for solid white containers with labels on them. Put all the kid's toys in woven baskets on open shelves (also works great for clothes). Again, this is the less is more thing. Even if you have a BUNCH of stuff, you can corral it all together into some vessel! It's a bit like stuffing everything in a closet and shutting the door... I know haha! But on a much smaller scale and it does help to give the illusion of more space!

3. DIY what you can! Thank goodness we have the internet! There is a TON of information out there about maximizing small spaces AND how to do it yourself. Plus there are awesome, and affordable companies that can help you do it. "Going up" is a great way to add storage. Often people have tons of wall space and not so much floor space, adding in floor-to-ceiling storage options (preferably something with doors) can be a great option. Ikea has some really awesome products that are very DIY-friendly for stuff like this! It can take a lot of creativity to maximize small spaces and THAT can take a lot of money. Use what's out there, people are AMAZING and are writing "how-tos" daily. It just takes a little research!

Hope this helps! Again, I LOVE working in small spaces and working out how to get the most functionality out of something, but it can be super frustrating and take some patience. Let me know if you need help!

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