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3 Deciding Factors When Figuring out a Floor Plan

Over the weekend, I started renovating my office space. We live in the loft of a renovated barn, and downstairs we have TONS of open space (most of which is currently made up of a gym and toolshed), so I decided to add a nice 12 x12 room to use as an office/ rumpus room! I'm SO excited. But I went in with an original floor plan layout and had to change it, so I thought I'd share some of the deciding factors that went into the decision.

So... what are they? Here are the three factors I took into account to help me decide: TIME, BUDGET, FUNCTIONALITY. Below WAS my original layout and the space I wanted to use. The exterior door would've been just to the right next to the garage door, with the pocket door entering my office space just next to that. Then, a window just after that first stud behind the pocket door. For reference... on the other side of that wood-paneled wall is a giant lean-to.

As you can see in the picture, there's a GIANT foundation that goes all the way around. It's about 8" thick AND 10" tall. Needless to say, it's a meaty piece of concrete. So... this is where decisions had to be made. We could either just put the door on top of the foundation OR put it somewhere along that wood paneled wall. For reference there is already a door on that wall on the opposite end that's sort of disfunctional at the moment.

After deciding it was going to be funny looking to put it on top of that foundation curb the decision became easier. We could wait on ALL the framing and have someone come out to cut through the foundation (TIME & BUDGET concerns) or put it on the door on the other wall (there was already a cut out from where a horse stall used to be). This is where FUNCTIONALITY comes in. The whole goal of this space was for me to have an office to work out of and start collecting & storing samples + have a cozy place for my partner or I to do therapy or zoom meetings etc. The door cutout would be about a 6'x6' cubby into my office, which significantly limited the actual space. So that combined with the fact that there's already a door at the other end of that wall that we could make work meant IXNAY the door!

The result... a nice, BIG office space.


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