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This is for people who want to give a room in their space new life!

Are you reminded every time you clean up that you’ve been wanting to redo the living room or spruce up the bedroom? Whether you don’t like all of the furniture or you’re just looking for a few new pieces to update and change the energy in the space, then I can help!


You will work one-on-one with me, Heather. The One Room Redesign is a collaborative effort in which your thoughts and ideas and my design brain come together to bring life back into your space.


I understand firsthand how easy it is to let the toys pile up in the corner and forget what the bookshelf looks like or have thrown so many throw-blankets and pillows onto a sofa in hopes of forgetting what it actually looked like. It happens... Also, life happens.


Creating a space that represents you as a human (although beautiful) may not always be accessible. That’s where I come in!

One Room Redesign

  • Discovery:

    This Discovery is about YOU and can take on many forms, video or phone call, or email thread. Anyway, we decide it will take about an hour of your time. This is where I will get to know you, and your space. Some things it will cover include:
    What do you like and don’t like about your current space?
    How do you feel in the space, and how do you want to feel?
    What is the ideal function of the room?
    What is your timeline?

    This is also when we will talk about your budget for the redesign. Most clients are somewhere between $500 and $5,000 depending on the space.



    If you are located near me, we will do this together. If we are working remotely then I will guide you through this step and provide a detailed how-to video.

    Floor Plan:

    During this phase, I will send over a few different floor plans for your space. You’ll have as much time as you need to look over it and think about the pros and cons. I’ll also be available to chat, answer any questions, and give you my recommendations.


    Concept Boards:

    After we choose the floor plan then we get to the fun stuff! At this stage, it is time to start with the design elements. I’ll send over a few concept boards for your space. This is where we will get a feel for pieces you like: style, designs, color palettes, etc. 


    Product List:

    Once we decide on a look and feel from the concept boards then I will deliver a product list. These are the items that you will purchase to fill out the space. I will give you options in price to fit your budget. 

    Once we have decided on what you like and what will work best in the space I will provide you with your final product list.

    As a designer, I have access to industry discount codes! I am HAPPY to do all of the purchasing for you at and additional cost!



    Ahh, it’s happening! Things are arriving at your door and you’re listing old furniture on FB Marketplace or maybe donating it to a foundation like Habitat for Humanity. Here you will follow the Floor Plan and place the items from the Product List. We will have time to go over some “how-to’s” and specific style questions in our Button Up Session.


    Button Up Session (1 hour):

    A virtual or in-person coffee chat to go over any final questions, talk about the next steps (if any), and conclude our work together, or maybe not :)

  • Each of these stages are not etched in stone. There is a lot of fluidity and creativity in this work. To honor all of our time and efforts I offer up to 3 modifications on the floor plans and final product lists each, anything beyond that will be considered a “bonus” and I will charge my hourly fee of $75 for the time.


    If you’re looking to update a couple of different rooms, you will need to  purchase multiple One Redesign packages.


    Renovations and bigger projects like remodeling a kitchen or bathroom are projects I would be SUPER excited to help you with, but they are more intensive and fall under my Full Design Services, please reach out and I’m happy to talk more about your ideas!

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