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3 Tips to Creating a Bedroom Built for Rest

As a designer and a person that likes to sleep, I believe a bedroom should convey a feeling of rest and relaxation. It can also be a place for connection and romance. Using a color palette like the one above and adding some specific designer tips can change the way you sleep, how you interact in the world, and how you connect with others AND yourself.

1. No Screens in the Bedroom. I know I know, you hear this all the time I'm sure, BUT it's real. Outside of the blue light harms, screens in the bedroom promote the opposite of connectedness. This is ANY screens, phones, ipads, TVs etc. For some partners who work a ton getting into bed before sleep is their only time to connect. Throw a phone to look at social media and tv to tune out and forget about the day into the room and you mind as well build a GIANT wall with graffiti on it that says "No thanks, I actually don't want to connect with you." Harsh... I know. But also think about the type of energy out there whether, on the tv or the internet, most of it isn't positive, motivating, or promoting any kind of restful thoughts... maybe not the best energy to bring in your bedroom. Like hard numbers...check out this article on technology in the bedroom, it's a thing.

2. Colors. Super simple, use skin-colored tones. Think browns, peaches, and creams. These colors promote a sense of restfulness and peace (a great environment for sleeping, wouldn't you say?). A word of caution on the peaches, don't go too crazy with this one. In the Feng Shui world, peach colors are used as a tool to attract partners and unless you're looking for an endless amount of partners this could go a little sideways.

3. Bed. You're bed matters! A lot. Stick to the skin tone color tip when choosing linens for your bed, and don't be afraid to mix and match. Also, don't be afraid to spend some money! Having "worth it" sheets on your bed will change your life. I alwaysss go for linen, they are my FAV and I have some favorite companies as well. (email me or text me if you're looking for some good options!). Your bed should be facing the door. In the Feng Shui world, this is called the command position. It will change your life! Also, I get that sometimes this just isn't an option, if your bed HAS to be on the same wall as the door try putting a mirror opposite the door! Last thing on your bed, get a SOLID headboard. This is important, make sure it's solidly attached to your bed frame as well. Having a headboard can help you feel supported and safe in and outside of your bedroom.

If you're having trouble sleeping, trying some of these can't hurt. I promise they make a HUGE difference. As always please reach out with questions or if you need design help - that's what I'm here for!

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