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Splurge or Save: Sofa Dupes

These are some of the most expensive companies out there. Are they worth the price? I'm not REALLY sure, I've never really been to afford them, and of course I love them. I was just renovating my own space and if I had the money I was buying that RH Cloud Couch no questions asked haha. But then again... is it worth it?

When you can get the same look for less the question becomes: Are you buying a product or a name? I don't have the answer to that one either, but what I do is that you can get the same look for wayyyy less. If you're someone with small humans or pets or not enough money to spend 20k on a couch, this post is for you!

What is a dupe? It's basically a spinoff. It doesn't mean it's not as good of a couch it just means it's not THEE Arhaus brand. My recommendation when looking for dupes is, first of all, to literally google "Company, Couch Name" then Dupe. There's a ton of people out whose full-time job it is to find dupes and they're great at it. Or try the words "looks like" in your Google search. Step number 2 is to READ reviews. People love reviewing things, make sure they're not paid by the brand and that they're original but they can give you tons of good info and some insights you might not get from the description. Lastly, check out their return policy. Returning a sofa sucks and it's not easy to do BUT if you hate your couch don't live with it, that's silly (I've done it). Find out before you buy how easy it is to return something and if they back their product in case of damage while shipping or within 6mths- 1yr.

Also, quick side note. I actually own this Bob's Discount Furniture Dream Sectional aka RH Cloud Couch Dupe, and it's EVERYTHING I wanted in a couch at the price I was willing to pay. Winning!


Restoration Hardware Cloud Couch $10k-$30k - DUPE Bob's Discount Furniture Dream Sectional $2700

Arhaus Wessex Sofa $6599 - $20k - Home Depot Blakely Sofa $2200

DWR Kapsel Sectional $7200 - $15k - Article Abisko Sofa $1700

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