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10 light fixtures that will transform your entire space

Light fixtures can make or break your space.. or not. Here's the thing that I've found with lighting. It can be the wow factor in your space, residential or commercial. Your lighting can be the kinda thing where people walk in and they're like WOW that light is AMAZING. For spaces that call for that (high ceilings, grand entries, concert halls etc.) those are a must, they add to the whole space. But of course, the opposite is also true. If you try putting one of those lights in space that is inappropriate (for example - a chandelier in a trailer) it can not be so great. Of course, there are always exceptions and that makes this super tricky, but that's why the world has designers.

And then there's the "or not". I am actually a huge fan of lights that blend in. That doesn't mean they have to be boring lights. But those light fixtures that are beautifully simple and obsolete can leave a lot of room for other cool pieces whether that's art or furniture or something else entirely. Whichever way you go with lighting, you have lots of options!

Here's a list of some of my top favs right now (there's a little something for everyone in here no matter which vibe you're looking for)

  1. CERAMIC UP DOWN WALL SCONCE - from Lightology

  2. Cylindrical Rattan Floor Lamp - from Urban Outfitters

  3. Naaya DOME Clay Pendant Light Fixture - from Naaya Studio (etsy)

  4. Brass Sconce Vintage Industrial Swing Arm Wall Lamp - from Home Depot (I know... it's cute though!)

  5. White Globe Vanity - from New Wine Old Bottles (etsy)

  6. Oahu Fringe Pendant - from Anthropologie (my fav!)

  7. Alese Neutral Earth Polka Dot Jug Table Lamp - from Lamps Plus

  8. ARCHED OUTDOOR LIGHT - from Shades of Light

  9. Rodan Hammered Metal Dome Pendant Light - from Crate & Barrel

  10. Sculptural Glass Geo Pendant - from West Elm

FYI.. I'm not cool enough to have affiliations or anything (would love to be though), these are literally just some of my favorite lights right now! Happy lighting!

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